Rhode Island Homelessness in the News

Clergy Corner: Society Must Take Care of its Poor
Newport Daily News 7/21/11

Daily Reporter 7/20/11

Providence Journal 7/15/11

Providence Journal 7/14/11

Rhode Island Catholic 7/7/11

Rhode Island Catholic 7/7/11

Block Island Times 7/2/11

Council to Create Plan to End Homelessness in RI

Go Local Prov 7/5/11

Advocates Decry Cut in R.I. Affordable Housing Program
Journal 7/2/11

Final budget approved with cuts, new revenue
Journal, 6/30/11

RI Senate Poised to Vote on 7.7 Billion State Budget

Journal, 6/28/11

Advocates for the Homeless Protest State Budget

Rhody News, 6/25/11

 Protesters Decry Cuts in Social Services

Providence Journal, 6/25/11

Protesters decry cuts in social services

Journal, 6/24/11 

Proposed budget leaves programs short-funded

Rhode Island
Catholic, 6/24/11 

At RI State House, Protesters Decry Cuts to Social Services

Journal, 6/24/11 

Digging Deeper: Helping The Homeless

NBC, 6/24/11

ProJo Web Gallery

Journal, 6/23/11 

Hundreds Rally for Homeless Funding

WPRI, 12 6/23/11     

Homeless Advocates Disrupt RI House

NBC 10, 6/23/11 

Supreme Court Upholds Eviction of Homeless
Journal, 6/18/11

House Budget Unveiled

Go Local Prov, 6/18/11

$7.7B budget unveiled
Call, 6/18/11 

7.7 Billion State Budget
Times, 6/18/11 

Their Goal: Serve Homeless With Dignity
BarringtonPatch.Com, 6/17/11

Advocates urge homeless solutions
WPRI, 5/20/2011

Southern Rhode Island Newspapers, 4-27-2011
The Valley Breeze, 4-27-2011
Providence Journal 4-25-2011
Newport Patch 4-25-2011
The Brown Daily Herald 4-14-2011

Providence Journal, 3-17-2011
RealEstateRama, 3-14-2011
House of Hope Magical Evening
Kent County Daily Times, 3-14-2011
NewportPatch, 3-8-2011
Providence Business News, 3-4-2011
WRNI, 3-2-2011

Homelessness agency revived
Newport Daily News, 3-02-2011

Donations create hope for homeless
Newport Daily News, 3-02-2011

Number of women in need soaring
Providence Journal, 3-02-2011

Chafee to sign order on homelessness
The Call, 3-02-2011
Homes for the homeless
Newport Daily News, 3-01-2011 

Homeless advocates say shelters adequate

Providence Journal, 2-22-2011

Shelter Walk planning session slated
The Call, 2-22-2011

VA,HUD Report on Homeless Veterans
Providence Journal, 2-21-2011

Coldwell Banker Residential raises $18K for Crossroads
Providence Business News, 2-20-2011

Kettle apologizes for homelessness remarks in emails
Coventry Courier, 2-18-2011

OIC, other service groups to share Broad St. building
Providence Journal, 2-18-2011

At Storehouse, food budget shrinks
South County Independent, 2-17-2011

Nonprofits get $29M from R.I. Foundation
Westerly Sun, 2-09-2011

Gov. revives homeless agency
Westerly Sun, 2-09-2011

State conducts annual count
Providence Journal, 01-29-2011

Providence Journal, 01-27-2010
Providence Journal, 1-26-2011

Nonprofits collaborate for the homeless

Providence Journal, 01-26-2011

Cold Focuses Plight of Homeless

Warwick Beacon, 1-25-2011

Concern for Homeless as Frigid Weekend Approaches

TurntoTen, 1-25-2011

Federal Aid Awarded to Homeless Programs in RI

TurntoTen, 1-25-2011

Providence Shelter Needs Food, Supplies

Turnto10, 1-24-2011

Frigid weather fills shelters

Providence Journal, 01-23-2011

Crossroads Trying to Keep Homeless Warm

WPRI, 1-23-2011

Sleep Out for Homelessness Awareness

FoxProvidence, 1-22-2011


Providence Business News, 1-21-2011


WPRO, 1-21-2011


Ending it 'is not rocket science'
Providence Journal, 01-21-2011

Expansion sought to ease shelter overcrowding
 Providence Journal, 01-20-2011

HUD to give R.I. $4.7 million to aid programs for homeless

Providence Journal, 01-20-2011

Shelters are packed, advocates report

Newport Daily News, 01-20-2010

Homeless programs get federal aid

Pawtucket Times, 01-20-2011


ABC6, 1-20-2011


Providence Journal, 1-19-2011


Homelessness hearings set
Westerly Sun, 01-17-2011

Slow payments by state put agencies in financial squeeze
Providence Journal, 01-17-2011

Hearings continue on homelessness
Newport Daily News, 01-17-2011

Homeless to be recognized at EG's Lutheran Church
East Greenwich Pendulum, 01-13-2011

Project Homeless Connect seeks volunteers, donations
The Call, 01-13-2011

Peace Dale Congregational to hold annual 'sleepout'
Narragansett Times, 01-12-2011

Economy hurts battle against homelessness
Newport Daily News, 01-12-2011

RI battle against homelessness hurt by economy

Kent County Daily News, 01-12-2011

Support meeting to address homelessness and seek aid

Kent County Daily News, 01-11-2011
Focus on housing and homelessness
Newport Daily News, 01-11-2011

Rl Senate committee holds hearing on shelter beds
Westerly Sun, 01-10-2011

Legislators to discuss shortages at shelters

Newport Daily News, 01-10-2011

Volunteer to Help the Homeless

Northeast Independent, 01-06-2011

Diocese opens overflow shelter for area homeless

RI Catholic, 01-06-2011

Emmanuel House a place where 'want is keenly felt and abundance rejoices'

RI Catholic, 01-06-2011

Clergy Calls on Lawmakers to Eliminate State's Poverty
Providence Journal, 1-6-2011

Amos House's 20 for 20 Fund Drive Wrapping Up
Cranston Patch, 12-28-2010

The Warwick Beacon, 12-28-2010

Providence Business News, 12-28-2010

Warwick Beacon, 12-28-2010

SouthKingstown Patch, 12-26-2010

Providence Journal, 12-25-2010

LocalSpur, 12-24-2010

FoxProvidence, 12-24-2010

ABC6, 12-24-2010

Providence Journal, 12-23-2010

Turnto10, 12-23-2010

ABC6, 12-23-2010

WPRO, 12-22-2010

Providence Journal, 12-22-2010

God help the homeless
Kent County Daily Times, 12-18-2010

Woonsocket Patch, 12-17-2010

Turnto10, 12-17-2010

Amos House A Recipe for Success
Providence American, 12-16-2010

LocalTVUSA, 12-16-2010

Providence Journal, 12-16-2010

Daily Journal, 12-15-2010

WPRI, 12-15-2010

"Crisis" in Emergency Winter Shelters: Faith Leaders Plea for Help

GoLocalProv, 12-14-2010

The Pawtucket Times, 12-13-2010

WPRO, 12-13-2010

Providence Journal, 12-13-2010

Panelists: Neediest neglected
Newport Daily News, 12-12-2010

Homeless not hopeless
Newport Daily News, 12-10-2010

PC professor predicts homelessness will rise
Newport Daily News, 12-10-2010

Police play Santa
Providence Journal, 12-10-2010

The Examiner, 12-4-2010

More needed than cover of night
Providence Journal, 12-04-2010

Local health center provides dental care
South County Independent, 12-02-2010

Homeless Pasts Expose Possibilities
Cowl (Providence College), 12-02-2010

Providence Journal, 12-2-2010

Need For Winter Shelter is Higher than Ever

Turnto10, 11-29-2010

Letters to the Editor
Newport Daily News, 11-24-2010

WPRI, 11-23-2010

WPRO, 11-23-2010

Providence Journal, 11-23-2010

CBS News, 11-22-2010

Providence City News, 11-18-2010

Rhode Island Community Forums, 11-17-2010

Real Estate Rama, 10-28-2010

Warwick Beacon, 10-28-2010

WPRI, 10-14-2010
Newport Now, 10-7-2010

Cafe offers Amos House trainees real job skills
Providence Business News 10-03-2010

Families represent fastest growing homeless group in RI
WRNI 10-6-2010

Tent city resident wins national award
RI Future 10-05-2010

Reuters 10-1-2010

Record Demand for Emergency Winter Shelter Expected
Street Sights 10-1-2010

Census shows recession hit broad swath of R.I.
Providence Journal 09-29-2010

Department of Housing and Urban Development 9-28-2010

Number of families in shelters rises
The New York Times 09-11-2010

Newport's homeless students
WRNI 09-07-2010

US Homeless Killings Highest in Decade
Street Sights 9-01-10

Record RI Homeless Up 30% Since Last July
Street Sights 9-01-10

VA chief brings message of hope in visit to Providence
Providence Journal 8-27-2010

VA chief pledges to end homelessness among vets
Providence Journal 8-26-2010

Reporter: Recession Fading In Rhode Island

Rhode Island Monthly 8-6-2010

RI CAN opens the Community Shoppe
The Westerly Sun 8-04-2010

Female vets now have a safe haven
Providence Journal 8-01-2010

Gov candidates appear at mental health forum
Pawtucket Times 7-30-2010
Fox Providence 7-30-2010

A big, big man draws his friends to a vigil
The Providence Journal 7-30-2010

Candidates for RI governor discuss, homelessness, mental illness
The Providence Journal 7-30-2010

In loving memory of Dave "Doc" St.Germain: 1967-2010
RI Future 7-29-2010

Providence Journal 7-29-2010

Woonsocket Call 7-29-2010
Gov. candidates appear at mental health forum
Kent County Daily Times 7-29-2010

RI Gov candidates appear at mental health forum
NBC 10 7-28-2010

Apparent suicide victim was advocate for homeless in Rhode Island
The Providence Journal 7-27-2010

Providence Journal 7-27-2010

State House vigil to honor activist for veterans, homeless
The Providence Journal 7-26-2010

Rest in peace, Doc
RI Future 7-25-2010

R.I.P Dave "Doc" St.Germain
RI Future 7-24-2010

Weekend Times 7-10-2010

Two homelessness programs to get federal aid
Kent County Daily Times 7-10-2010

HUD Secretary Donovan announces $1.1 million in homeless aid to Rhode Island
US Department of Housing and Urban Development 7-10-2010

2 homelessness programs in RI to get federal aid
NBC 7-09-2010

2 homelessness programs in RI to get federal aid
The Boston Globe 7-09-2010

Help for homeless during heat wave
WPRI 7-09-2010

HUD gives $1.1 million to RI homeless programs
Providence Journal 7-09-2010

Sen. Reed announces $1.1 million to help Rhode Island end homelessness
Targeted News Service 7-09-2010

2 homelessness programs in RI to get federal aid
ABC 7-09-2010

2 homelessness programs in RI to get federal aid
News Times 7-09-2010

RI gets $1.1M to combat homelessness
WPRI 7-09-2010

2 homelessness programs in RI to get federal aid
Greenwich Time 7-09-2010

On a "Mission" to help the homeless in RI
The Johnston Sunrise 7-09-2010

Newport homeless shelter partly evacuated by fire
The Providence Journal 7-03-2010

Help Can Be Found on Hotline: Veterans Journal
Providence Journal 6-14-20

Editorial: Spotlight on addiction
The Providence Journal 6-09-2010

Living on the streets has higher cost to society

The Providence Journal 6-02-2010

A more humane and less expensive way to help the chronically homeless
RI Future 6-02-2010

House passes bill to track hate crime against homeless
Providence Journal 5-20-2010

Homeless Hate Crime Bill Passed by House
RI Future 5-20-2010

Homeless Hate Crime Bill Passed by House
Providence Daily Dose 05-20-2010

Martin supports "homeless hate crimes" bill
Rhode Island General Assembly 5-19-2010

A Decisive Moment
WNRI 5-18-2010

The Providence Phoenix 5-12-2010
South County Independent 4-29-2010

Providence Journal 4-28-2010

Providence Journal 4-28-2010

Bill to protect homeless advances in the House
The Providence Journal 04-28-2010
Providence Journal 04-23-2010

The Brown Daily Herald 04-22-2010

Providence Journal 04-21-2010

Johnston Sunrise 04-16-2010

The Brown Daily Herald 04-15-2010

Protest against elimination of funding for Neighborhood Opportunities Program
Providence Journal Video 4-15-2010

Providence Daily Dose 04-15-2010

RI Future blog 04-15-2010

R.I.’s social service agencies needing hand-outs of their own

Providence Journal December 14, 2009

Ordinary People, Extraordinary Homeless Crisis

Atlantic Magazine December 1, 2009

R.I. homeless advocates seek more beds
Providence Journal November 28, 2009

Rhode Island to experience homeless shelter shortage
Warwick Beacon November 27, 2009

R.I. homeless want to meet with Governor Carcieri
Providence JournalNovember   27, 2009

Tents appearing on R.I. State House lawn
Providence Journal November 26, 2009

Plan to house R.I. homeless criticized
Providence Journal November 25, 2009

Tent city founders still seeking help for homeless
Reuters November 20th, 2009

Services for Providence homeless close to breaking point
Reuters November 19th, 2009

Protesters for homeless find receptive crowd at conference
Warwick Beacon November 13, 2009

Carcieri vetos

Providence Journal November 11, 2009

Editorial: Homeless wake-up call

Providence Journal October 11, 2009

Carleton Freese once lived the good life
Providence Journal October 4, 2009

R.I. homeless agencies gearing up for winter influx
Providence Journal September 25, 2009

R.I. emergency shelters overwhelmed

Providence Journal September 23, 2009

Homelessness paper wins 'most improved'
Brown Daily Herald September 15, 2009

Tent Cities in Rhode Island: Making the invisible people visible

Op-Ed by Executive Director Jim Ryczek
Providence Journal September 13, 2009

Press Release - Eviction Report Highlights Extent of Evictions Caused by Foreclosures

Eviction Report

Housing program to receive federal funding

NBC 10, 5/21/2009

Homeless communities on the increase in R.I.

Providence Journal, 5/11/2009

New Video: Recession realities: Stories from the frontline - a short on foreclosure issues in Rhode Island created by CNN Money. 

Cutbacks loom as need for homeless assistance grows

Providence Pheonix, 4/8/2009

Rally for Healthy Communities

Providence Journal, 4/3/2009

National Victories for Affordable Housing and Homeless Prevention
President Obama has signed into law the  Helping Families Save Their Homes Act of 2009  which will ... Read More..

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