Implementing the Homeless Bill of Rights

The Homeless Bill of Rights hasn't changed conditions overnight. Ensuring that agencies are complying with the new rules is difficult. Committees have been established to ensure that the law is implemented, but of course, law or no law, harassment and discrimination continue.

Hundreds of water- and tear-resistant cards (in English and in Spanish) have been distributed across the state, explaining the law without the use of legalese. The cards also direct those discriminated against to call the Coalition at 401-721-5685 to report their incident; it's important for such calls that those who have been victimized record the details of what happened, where it happened, and the date and time. Names and/or badge number and/or vehicle number of the discriminator need to be recorded as well.

When a case comes to us, we refer it to local lawyers and legal organizations that can bring a court case against the perpetrator. Then it's up to the courts and the skill of lawyers.

In the meantime, the Coalition is meeting with organizations to offer an understanding of the law so that government agencies and businesses understand the new law and how it impacts their relationship with Rhode Islanders experiencing homelessness.


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