This month we were excited to print and begin to distribute Providence Street Rights cards. The card aims to educate the Providence homeless community about their rights so they are not mistreated under the law. 

You can download a copy of the street rights cards at this link: Street RightsFor example, the cards reads: You do not have to move from an area unless you are violating the law.  You have the right to be in any public area.  But, you cannot block the sidewalk or otherwise impede the flow of pedestrian or vehicular traffic.

The street cards were researched by Roger Williams Law Students Jillian Hoxsie, Melissa McGow, Nancy Melucci, Adam Resmini, and Josh Barker. The cards were designed by Taylor Ellowitz.

We printed a trial run of 300 cards which a wonderful team of volunteers are distributing.  Our next steps include: printing more Providence Street Rights Cards translating the cards into Spanish making posters about these rights for shelters and community centers, and meal sites working with law student volunteers to design cards for other cities in towns in Rhode Island. 

Please email if you would like copies or would like to get involved with distribution.

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