Voices of Homelessness Speakers Bureau

The Rhode Island Coalition for the Homeless Voices of Homelessness Speakers Bureau is a group of homeless and formerly homeless individuals that speak to students, religious and professional groups, and others about issues faced by our homeless neighbors everyday.

Our Mission: "We will change the beliefs about homelessness.  We will break stereotypes and misconceptions.  We will educate the general public to gain support.  We will put a face to the individuals suffering, and we will speak the TRUTH to END HOMELESSNESS in Rhode Island!."

Members of the Voices of Homelessness Speakers Bureau aim to

  • Be a voice for compassion and change
  • Advocate for issues affecting their lives
  • Dispel stereotypes, educate people and increase awareness about homelessness through their stories

If you would like the Voices of Homelessness Speaker's Bureau to come speak to your group, please contact Loretta at 401-721-5685 x20.

Documents for potential speakers:
Speaker Introduction and Overview
Speaker Information Sheet
Speaker's Profile Form
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