The RI Coalition for the Homeless is the collaborative applicant and HMIS lead for the Rhode Island Continuum of Care (CoC). You may request HMIS data from RI Coalition for the Homeless by completing and submitting the following data request form. If you need assistance filling out the form or would like a paper copy, please email ​ with the subject line "HMIS Report/ Data Request."


Please review the following resources prior to submitting an HMIS data request form:

  • HMIS data standards. This document from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development lists the data elements that are available in HMIS.

  • RI Coalition for the Homeless About Homelessness Dashboards. These dashboards provide HMIS information at the aggregate system level. These dashboards make public the data that former users have had to request. We strongly encourage you to review the dashboard, as it might have the information you need. These dashboards are soon going to include project-level information that can be drilled down by population/demographics. Continue to keep checking for updates in the near future!



Evaluation of data request. As HMIS lead and collaborative applicant for the Rhode Island CoC, RI Coalition for the Homeless has the discretion to share HMIS data. When necessary, the RI Coalition for the Homeless will consult with the HMIS Steering Committee in making HMIS data request decisions.

Conditional approval. RI Coalition for the Homeless will send you notification of whether the data request has conditional approval within 3-4 business days of form submission. For requests with conditional approval, RI Coalition for the Homeless will follow up with estimates of when the data will be made available.

Final approval. Final approval will be given after a Statement of Work and Data Use Agreement (when necessary) that outlines details, including required security measures, are completed. RI Coalition for the Homeless will determine the order in which report requests are filled, based on capacity and CoC priority. 


Three main criteria are used to determine whether data requests will be fulfilled:

1. Data is clearly going to be used in efforts to end and/or prevent homelessness.

2. Measures are in place to ensure data security at every step in the process.
Due to the sensitive nature of client-level information and the risk of identifying clients, RI Coalition for the Homeless encourages requests for aggregate information. Client level data, and data requests for small scale aggregate data should be rare and only given if the project cannot be completed with aggregate information. The HMIS Steering Committee will need to approve the request in some circumstances. 

3. RI Coalition for the Homeless has the internal capacity to fulfill the data request.
When deciding when you need the data, please take into consideration the time needed to review requests, execute contracts and agreements (if applicable to your request), and pull and package the HMIS data.



A fully executed Data Sharing Agreement (DSA), or Data Usage Agreement (DUA) will be required for all research and evaluation projects and will be required to comply with all applicable laws and regulations, including the provisions contained in the current Department of Housing and Urban Development HMIS Data and Technical Standards.

  • Authorized Use: Once the data request is approved, the entity shall use the data only for the purposes contemplated in the request form and executed DSA. The entity must ensure proper access to the data in a manner that is compliant with all applicable federal and state laws;

  • Prohibited Use: HMIS data cannot/should not be requested, disclosed or released under these circumstances: (1) the information may cause harm to an individual within HMIS; (2) where the sole intent of the data is to harm a single organization; and (3) it does not comply with any of the approved purposes listed above:

  • Termination of Access and Destruction of Data: Upon termination of the DSA or the project the entity shall cease using and destroy any physical and electronic copies of the data that it or they have created within (1) business day of such termination or expiration. Such destruction of the physical and electronic copies shall be in a manner that ensures that the data is rendered unintelligible and unrecoverable to the extent feasible. 

  • Unauthorized Access: If an Entity has knowledge of any unauthorized access and/or use of share Data, it shall:(a) notify the HMIS Lead immediately (which in no event shall be longer than twelve (12) hours from the time the Entity becomes aware of the unauthorized access and use); (b) take prompt and appropriate action to prevent further unauthorized access or use; (c) cooperate with the HMIS Lead and any government authorities with respect to the investigation and mitigation of any such unauthorized access and use; and (d) take such other actions as HMIS Lead may reasonably direct to remedy such unauthorized access and use, including, if required under any federal or state law, providing notification to the affected Clients.

The HMIS Lead reserves the right to amend this document at any time. We will maintain a record of the changes made as an amendment and post new versions on this page of our website.

Date Created: May 1, 2019

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