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Coalition Membership

Our Coalition, the Rhode Island Coalition to End Homelessness was founded in 1988 and has been involved in the majority of pivotal homelessness-related issues and accomplishments. Including advocating for many issues like affordable housing bonds, use of Conveyance Tax dollars to develop a dedicated funding line in the state budget for homeless programs, and the passage of a first Homeless Bill of Rights in the United States (2012, S-2052).

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Service Provider Memberships

While member agencies are focusing on the day-to-day needs of clients, the Coalition is working to educate, advocate, and coordinate so that we can make lasting changes for people living in poverty or homelessness. By becoming a member of the Coalition, agencies receive benefits that strengthen both individual missions and community efforts to prevent and end homelessness. Learn more about what service provider membership means by downloading the service providers document.

Individual Memberships

We hope that by working together we can prevent and end homelessness. We know that our work takes collective efforts. By working collaboratively, we will accomplish goals and hopefully end unsheltered homelessness.  We hope that by becoming a member you will commit to advocacy, promotion, community outreach, fundraising support and understanding. Learn more about what individual membership means by downloading the individuals membership document.

Business & Social Organization Memberships

Learn more about what membership for businesses & social organizations means by downloading the business membership document.

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