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Our New Logo

Graciously donated by Susan Doyle of RISD

A huge thank you to Susan Doyle who has worked with us over the last year to create this amazing logo inspired by real Rhode Island homes and architecture. One of the things we really wanted for this logo was for it be flexible. Keep it black and white. Add color. Make it seasonal; maybe add a wreath to the door or snow on the trees! We hope you'll enjoy all the phases of this logo. 

Susan was truly a collaborator and educator during this process and her expertise was invaluable. 

Susan Doyle RISD.jpeg

Susan Doyle

RISD Professor

Susan Doyle holds a BFA in illustration and a dual MFA in painting and printmaking from RISD.


Having spent a good deal of her professional life involved in both design and fine art, she is particularly interested in the tension between how something is conceived versus how it is perceived, and the confluence of abstract and denotative in influencing meaning in art and contemporary culture. She is editor of the landmark publication History of Illustration (Fairchild Books-Bloomsbury, 2018), the only textbook to date on the subject.

Click on the images below to download our logo. If you have any questions or need a different size or variation, please reach out to

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