Being a part of HMIS is being a part of a community dedicated to

preventing and ending the experience of homelessness 

RI-HMIS Participating Agency Information

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In order for an agency to get access to HMIS, they must comply with the following requirements, all the requirements can be found in the HMIS Policies and Procedures (updated February 2020).

1. Agencies must submit the following documents:

2. Participate in Annual Audits and Bi-Annual Internal Audits for Compliance

  • All HMIS participating agencies undergo an annual audit to ensure agency-wide compliance with HMIS Policies and Procedures; each agency is responsible for completing the bi-annual security compliance checklist.

  • Audits last between 1 and 2 hours and cover inspection and discussion; these audits will be completed on at least 10% of a participating agencies workstations. 2019 is the start of a new monitoring process; information will be communicated with current users. 

3. To gain access to HMIS all users must complete the following training on the HMIS Training Site

  • Training assigned through the Learning Management System (LMS)

  • 'Homework' assignment on the training site, submitted through LMS. A passing score of 95% is required. 

  • HUD Data Standards Training (coming soon)

  • In-person Homelessness 101 Training

  • And, any Supplemental Data Standards training for funding sources the agency receives

4. All HMIS Users must sign a User Agreement during their first log-into HMIS. This is sent via DocuSign. 

5. Each agency is required to designate at least one HMIS Agency Administrator. This user must complete the Agency Administrator training (coming soon!) and fulfill all Agency Administrator responsibilities, which are as follows and can be found in our Policies and Procedures (under revision).

  • Agency Administrators do not need to be supervisors, managers, directors, or have any special job title. You can select any HMIS User at your agency to fill either of these roles, however, the staff member selected should not be a temporary hire or someone who may not be with your agency long term.

  • An effective Agency Administrator will:

    • Have great attention to detail

    • Have at least basic Excel skills (filtering, simple equations)

    • Be computer literate and enjoy working with computers

    • Check their email often

    • Be able to provide basic technical support and training to other users

    • Be available to attend monthly HMIS Meetings and quarterly in-person Required HMIS Meetings

    • Be available to attend quarterly in-person HMIS Data Quality meetings with members of RICH’s HMIS Staff

  • Check out the Agency Administrator ELearning video to learn more about HMIS agency administrator responsibilities (coming soon!)

6. Each agency is required to designate at least one HMIS Security Officer. This can be the same person that is designated as the Agency Administrator but must also fulfill all responsibilities of the Security Officer which are as follows and can be found in our Policies and Procedures (under revision).


  • The HMIS Security Officer may be HMIS Agency Administrator or another employee who has completed the Privacy and Security Training skilled to assess HMIS Security Compliance. They’re responsible for:

    • Conducting annual security audits for workstations used for HMIS purposes;

    • Continually ensures each workstation used for HMIS is protected by a firewall and antivirus/malware software: see workstation security policy.

    • Completes the semi-annual Compliance Certification Checklist and forwards to the HMIS Lead Security Officer at the RI Coalition for the Homeless.

  • Check out the Security Officer ELearning video to learn more about the HMIS agency security officer responsibilities (coming soon!)

7. All agencies participating in HMIS must collect the minimum data elements required by the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for that project type.

(Note: Below are the minimum Data Collection Requirements for HMIS participating agencies these are the minimum data elements that must be collected for projects that do not receive federal funding, projects with federal funding may need to collect additional data.)

  • Data Collection Requirements 

    • Name

    • Date of Birth

    • Social Security Number

    • Race

    • Ethnicity

    • Gender

    • Veteran Status

    • Relationship to Head of Household

    • Disabling Condition

    • Destination

    • Income at Entry, Annual Assessment, and Exit

    • Non-Cash benefits at Entry, Annual Assessment, and Exit

    • Health Insurance at Entry, Annual Assessment, and Exit

    • Living Situation Questions

    • Housing Move-in Date (RRH/PH Projects only)

    • Domestic Violence Survivor

    • Bed Nights (for shelter/housing projects)

    • Referral from CES 

    • Needed for HUD and Local Reporting for Street Outreach

      • Date of Contact(s)

      • Current Living Situation

      • Date of Engagement (if it occurs)

8. HMIS Participating Agencies must adhere to the technical standards in the Policies and Procedures with regards to all technical equipment used to access HMIS.

  • RI-HMIS team is not responsible for providing proper technical equipment or for providing IT services unrelated to HMIS.

Please submit all forms to the HMIS Helpdesk. Once we receive these materials, we can get your agency set-up and create users accounts in HMIS. 

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