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Ending homelessness in Rhode  Island includes advocating and advancing policy changes that address root causes of homelessness and remove barriers to having safe, secure affordable housing.

What is public policy & how does it work?

Policy is a broad word, but we like this definition from Project Citizen: a public policy is simply what government does or does not do about a problem that comes before them for consideration and possible action. Policy builds the systems that shape our lives and keeps those systems running. 

So policy made without the input and leadership of communities most impacted ultimately end up doing serious harm, like making housing virtually unaffordable, essentially codifying poor health outcomes for entire neighborhoods, and legalizing racism and discrimination.   

When it comes to preventing and ending homelessness, we need to build a better system in Rhode Island. We need to build a Rhode Island where every person has a safe, secure, affordable home. And we need your help to do it.


Me? What can I do?


You can make your voice heard through advocacy!  There is no greater force in a democracy than a united public, because the public will shapes political will. It can be easy for those in power to ignore one voice, but when we demand for change as a chorus we take that power back and make change happen!

The Coalition advocates for the following priorities:

  • Consistent and appropriate funding for resources that end homelessness

  • Consistent and appropriate funding for affordable housing construction

  • Eliminating barriers in accessing housing and shelter, including discrimination

  • Eviction prevention

  • Expanding Medicaid to cover resources for people experiencing homelessness, such as case management

  • Expanding Permanent Supportive Housing

Click here to read our 2020 State Legislative Agenda!

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Advocate for change with the Rhode Island Coalition for the Homeless! For more information, contact Kristina Contreras Fox, Policy Analyst: kristina@rihomeless.org


Public will shapes political will, and it starts with YOU!

You can make a difference & together we will end homelessness in our state. 

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