Rhode Island HMIS Vendor Request for Proposal (RFP) 

Most Recent Update: December 13, 2019

Status: Review of Apparent Successful Vendor(s) in Progress

What is an RFP?

A Request for Proposals (RFP) is a process in which RICH and the RICoC will obtain proposals from eligible and qualified HMIS Vendors. This process defines what we need from an HMIS vendor and allows for the evaluation and selection of the best vendor for our HMIS.

Why do an RFP?

Over the years, the needs and abilities of HMIS users have changed. It has become a system-identified need to re-define the expectations of our HMIS Vendor. The HMIS Vendor Working Group will evaluate all qualified applicants to determine the best solution for our CoC.

When will this happen?

The RFP process takes time to ensure we are thorough and informed in all decisions made every step of the process. Our team began the process in June of 2019 and plan to have a new contract ready to implement by January 1, 2020. 

What is the current status?

See below for the timeline of events. It is important for us to maintain transparency in this entire process. Please reach out to our RFP Coordinator  with any questions or concerns!

Review of Final Apparent Successful Vendor(s)

December 13, 2019

The RFP Coordinator has completed the reference checks and their due diligence. The selection committee was continuing to meet and has been debriefed; most unsuccessful vendors have been contacted and were given a debrief if requested. We are thankful for all vendors who have provided their time in this process to demonstrate their system to our community in day-long sessions. The Rhode Island Coalition for the Homeless is taking on the final process of review prior to the final contract negotiation stage and determining who the final successful vendor is. 

Our timeline may continue to be delayed due to the time taken in Stage 3 for reference checks and due diligence. Updates will continue to be posted here and vendor(s) still in this process will be contacted directly with updates as needed.

Due Diligence and Reference Checks


November 8, 2019

The selection committee has participated in (and scored) all six in-person vendor demonstrations over the month of October, and earlier this week (November 4, 2019), the  RFP Coordinator and the selection committee met for a debrief. 

November 29, 2019 is our selection report-out deadline. In the meantime, our RFP Coordinator has begun their due diligence and reference checks for the vendors that have made it past stage 2. 

HMIS RFP Vendor Demonstrations Begin!


September 25, 2019

As of today, the HMIS Vendor Working Group begins meeting with the applicants that met minimum qualifications (narrowed down to the maximum of 6), and have confirmed their demonstration date and time with us! These are day-long sessions where our selection committee members are gathering with the prospective HMIS RFP respondents to review, listen to, and score each of the respondents' Request for Proposals demonstrations of HMIS.

Each of the 12 working group members have agreed to maintain confidentiality and avoid any potential conflict of interest in this process and have each signed a confidentiality/conflict of interest agreement prior to meeting with any of our prospective vendors.  


We are thankful for the dedication of the HMIS Vendor working group members that have agreed to attend six (6) full days between today and October 30, 2019 of proposal demonstrations. This hard work and time is all worth it; this process will ensure we utilize the system the best way possible for our statewide CoC! 

Potential HMIS Vendors Selected for Demonstrations


September 20, 2019

After a thorough review, six (6) HMIS Vendors have been selected to partake in HMIS Vendor Demonstrations between the dates of September 25th and  October 30, 2019. All HMIS RFP Working Group members will be present for HMIS Vendor demonstrations and vendors will be scored blindly, based on responses and demonstration of systemwide needs represented in our HMIS RFP. 

All HMIS RFP respondents have been notified of the decision and are expected to confirm their demonstration time today.

HMIS Q/A Posted!

Thursday, September 5, 2019

The Question and Answer document that contains answers to questions asked by prospective HMIS vendors for this HMIS RFP has been posted today.  As a reminder, the deadline for the RFP submission is on Tuesday, September 17, 2019.

The Q/A document is located for download here.

HMIS RFP Released!


August 19, 2019

The final Request for Proposals (RFP) for a Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) has been released today, August 19, 2019. The deadline for the RFP submission is on Tuesday, September 17, 2019.

The RFP is located for download here. 

HMIS Vendor RFP Draft Reviewed


August 8, 2019

The Final RFP Draft has been reviewed by the HMIS Vendor Working Group, our lawyers as well as our staff and Board of Directors. All feedback was discussed and addressed during today's meeting with the Working Group. 

In-person attendees included persons from the following organizations:

  • Amos House

  • Crossroads Rhode Island

  • Foster Forward

  • House of Hope CDC

  • Providence College

  • Rhode Island Coalition for the Homeless

  • Rhode Island Housing / Rhode Island Continuum of Care

Conference Call-in:

  • MFS Consulting Services LLC

  • Rhode Island Coalition for the Homeless 

Discussion Items:

​We reviewed and discussed all questions and/or concerns about the drafted RFP and gained a better understanding, as a group, of what to expect in the entire vendor RFP process. The group was able to solidify the expected timeline and book time off of our calendars in late September/October for our potential software demonstration days. We went over the Working Group expectations and time commitment for this process. Thank you to all of the working group members for taking time out of their schedules over the next few months to help improve our system! 

Next Steps:

The draft is going to be finalized after feedback has been taken from this group and our lawyer; once a final review of the RFP is completed, the final RFP is expected to be posted mid-September for vendors to begin applying. This site will be updated and shared once the final draft is ready. 

HMIS Vendor Working Group Announced


July 1, 2019

We are thankful for all those that applied to be on our HMIS Vendor Working Group!  There were a limited number of slots for participants, determined due to the size of our CoC, so aside from Project Operation Staff members, we decided to choose only 10 outside participants with a maximum capacity of 2 persons from each organization to ensure diverse participation.

These ten phenomenal folks have been selected to represent RIHMIS and the RICoC and will join the working groups' Executive Sponsor, Caitlin Frumerie, Project Team Member, Maria Vargas and other RICH Representative(s) in this process.

Participants from the following organizations are helping inform the RFP process are:

  • Amos House

  • Crossroads Rhode Island

  • Foster Forward

  • House of Hope CDC

  • Providence College

  • Rhode Island Coalition for the Homeless

  • Rhode Island Housing / Rhode Island Continuum of Care

Next Steps:

We're finalizing the list of vendor qualifications collected in our survey here. Responses are due by July 3, 2019 by close of business. Once reviewed internally, and the RFP is reviewed legally and through our Board of Directors, the draft will be finalized with the HMIS Vendor Working Group before being published for HMIS vendor applicants.

HMIS Vendor Working Group Application Period Open


June 17, 2019

This application to participate on the HMIS Selection Committee will be open until the close of business on Tuesday, June 26, 2019. Notices of committee selection will be sent out on June 29, 2019.


What we'll be expecting of you:
- Attendance is mandatory for all meetings in order to maintain consistency; if a meeting is missed, it must be made up ASAP on your own time. In the event that you may need to miss a meeting, we must be notified as soon as possible.
- Full participation is required throughout all steps of this process. This includes reviewing and editing the RFQQ/RFP, attending and scoring all vendor demos, offering feedback and participating in all of the decision making discussions. Not participating in any step will eliminate you from the selection committee.
- The ability to take on additional tasks as may be required throughout the process.


What you can expect of us:
- A full draft of the RFQQ/RFP document for review completed by July 24 through August 18th.
- Publicly posting the RFQQ/RFP and ensuring the vendors that do not meet the minimum requirements are disqualified (by August 18th).
- Hosting full-day long scheduled HMIS vendor demos at a local computer lab for the vendors that meet the determined minimum requirements finalized in the RFQQ/RFP.
- Due diligence, reference checks and site visits of any final potential vendors for a thorough review.
- Hosting a scoring debrief as a final review for the vendor selection.
- An up-to-date list of expectations and timelines as they are finalized (far in advance).


We are expecting to select a diverse group of stakeholders, administrators and HMIS users balanced throughout our participating organizations. This Selection Committee application will be open until the close of business on Tuesday, June 26, 2019. Notices of committee selection will be sent out on June 29, 2019. Please fill out the application here!

Next Steps:

Finalizing the selection committee and informing participants by the end of the month. Continue to gather and collect all vendor requirements through the survey. 

HMIS Vendor Requirement Questionnaire 


June 12, 2019

The RICoC and RICH are undergoing a Request for Qualifications and Quotation (RFQQ) process for a new/improved HMIS vendor!

This is an anonymous survey that will help us gather the information needed to understand the elements of HMIS that we should require of an HMIS vendor in order to improve the functionality of the database overall. This is an opportunity to voice your opinion about what is liked, needed and/or wanted in the HMIS database.

All responses will be considered. Your feedback is valuable; the more feedback we receive, the more we are able to accurately understand the demands and asks of our next potential HMIS database vendor.

If you're interested in being a part of the HMIS vendor selection process, there will be an application to join the selection committee sent out in the near future!

This survey will close on July 3, 2019. Link can be found here!

Next Steps:

Release the application for the HMIS Vendor Selection Working Group ASAP. Begin to analyze/make concise all responses that come in from the questionnaire and determine minimum/overall qualifications for our RFP.

HMIS Lead to consult with Mary Schwartz, MFS Consulting Services LLC., for HMIS Vendor RFP Support


May 1, 2019

Rhode Island Coalition for the Homeless has signed a contract with Mary Schwartz, MFS Consulting Services LLC. for Technical Assistance (TA) and to act as the Project Manager for our HMIS Vendor RFP.


In this role, Mary Schwartz will work closely with our Executive Sponsor for this Project, Caitlin Frumerie and Project Sponsor, Shalissa Coutoulakis as well as the Project Team and eventually the Selection Working Group in order to drive this process successfully through to completion. 

Project plan to be determined this month!

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