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COC FY 24 Competition Performance Scoring

The Rhode Island Continuum of Care, whose Designated Collaborative Applicant is Rhode Island Housing, is the organizer and arbiter of the annual agency performance evaluations. As the HMIS Administrator, the Rhode Island Coalition to End Homelessness provides information requested by the RI CoC for these evaluations. The Coalition is not responsible for the way the RI CoC uses this information nor is the Coalition able to field requests for re-evaluations or explanations of scores.

Community Care Alliance
Northern RI Rapid Rehousing Youth Project (CoC #89)

RI Housing Rapid Rehousing (CoC #78)


Tremont Street Apartments (CoC #56)

Travelers Aid Housing Tower (CoC #40)

Rapid Rehousing (CoC #65) 

16 units YMCA (CoC #27)

Harold Lewis House (CoC #28) & Harold Lewis House (CoC #55)

Mike Terry Apartments (CoC #75)

CRI Family Housing (CoC #3) & 754 Broad St Apartments (CoC #41) & Beach Ave Apartments (CoC #30)

Crossroads - DV RRH Individuals

East Bay Community Action Program
Permanent Housing (CoC #86)

Foster Forward
Your Way Home (CoC #87)

House of Hope Community Development Corporation
Warwick Housing Projects (CoC #18)

Rental Assistance (CoC #64)

Pawtucket Housing Authority
Rapid Rehousing (CoC #90)

Lucy's Hearth
Family Housing (CoC #91)

Rhode Island Housing and Mortgage Finance Corporation
RIHousing - TBRA Consolidation 

RIHousing - SBRA 

Sojourner House
Sojourner House Rapid Re-Housing

Constitution Hill Supportive Housing

Burnside Ave Perm Supportive Housing

Westerly Area Rest Meals Inc.
Westerly Supportive Housing Expansion Project (CoC #88)

YWCA Rhode Island
Sarah Frances Grant Homestead (CoC #36)

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All questions, concerns, or requests for re-evaluation should be directed to the RI CoC. Please do not contact the Coalition or the HMIS help desk with questions regarding the outcomes of the performance evaluations. 

Ben Darby
RI Continuum of Care Planner

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