Rhode Island Homeless Management Information System (HMIS)

The Rhode Island CoC has designated The Rhode Island Coalition for the Homeless as Rhode Island's HMIS Lead, responsible for managing, training, collecting and reporting data into and out of the system.



Presently, we have over 40 organizations (and growing) and almost 200 HMIS users in Rhode Island gathering information on HMIS to better inform policies and the general public alongside aiding in improving our society overall. Is your organization interested in utilizing HMIS, or would you like more information? We encourage you to contact us (contact information below)!


The data on our HMIS system is private and remains confidential with required client consent to collect information. View our Privacy Policy Here . 


NEW PROCESS FOR REQUESTING HMIS USERS:  Whenever you'd like to add a staff member to HMIS, please complete this form (even if you already have a license and are just "swapping out a user"). Then, once we've reviewed this information and confirmed that you have paid for a license , the user has completed their training on the Learning Management System and an HMIS user agreement has been signed, we are able to make the person live on HMIS. Bookmark this form in case you need it in the future.

Rhode Island Coalition for the Homeless

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