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Policy & Advocacy Platform

The Coalition seeks to strategically advance focused policy initiatives at the state and local levels that address the root causes of homelessness. The Coalition represents the homeless provider system in aligned initiatives and those initiatives can be broken down into four categories. 

  1. Create more affordable housing and remove barriers to accessing housing

  2. Protect people who are experiencing homelessness

  3. Help to keep people safely housed

  4. Prevent unjust practices that lead to homelessness

Fair Notice


If a landlord proposed increasing rent, they must provide 120 days of notice to raise your rent.


Rep. Stewart
Sen. Mack

Tenant Bill of Rights


Right to counsel ensures landlords and courts follow laws (whether moratoria, rent control, housing conditions or pre-filing requirements) and can improve the performance of programs like emergency rental assistance by helping tenants navigate the process, negotiating, and following up.


Rep. Speakman
Sen. Mack

Fair Chance Housing


Limits the use of certain criminal records and credit history reports in denying housing to prospective applicants, provides fines for failure to comply and requires notice of denials be sent to the prospective tenants.


Rep. Speakman
Sen. Kalman

Rent Control


Limits residential rent increases to ten percent (10%) plus the increase in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) annually.


Rep. Perez
Sen. Mack

Housing Problem Solving Fund


This resolution would authorize the appropriation of the sum of $5,000,000 to the Office of Housing and Community Development to provide funding for the Housing Problem Solving Fund.


Rep. Speakman

Rental Application Fees


Prohibits a landlord and others from requiring application fee from a prospective tenant or tenant. Violations punishable as a misdemeanor with a fine of five hundred dollars ($500).


Sen. Murray
Rep. Morales
Rep. Cruz

Payday Lending Reform


Caps the interest rate on payday loans at 36%, down from 260%.


Rep. Alzate
Sen. Quezada

Code Red and Code Blue

Each municipality must have an accessible and trauma-informed plan that is enacted when OEM calls a weather emergency.


Sen. Mack
Rep. Tanzi

Supporting Legislation

H5763 Equity Impact Statement - Creates the "equity impact statement act", requiring that all legislation submitted in the general assembly include an equity impact statement. - Sponsored by Rep. Kislak


H6168 Housing Production Revolving Fund - Creates the Housing Production Revolving Fund through the issuance of $50,000,000 in housing bonds by the department of housing to provide affordable housing for low income households and provide a $500,000 annual appropriation from the general assembly. - Sponsored by Rep. Speakman


S0254 Education Equity - Provides for increases in the amount of foundation level school support that a community would receive, based upon a community’s ability to meet and surpass its minimum low- and moderate-income housing requirements. - Sponsored by Sen. Gu


H5689 Immigration Status - Prohibits a landlord from inquiring about the immigration status of a tenant subject to any federal laws or regulations, but may request financial information or proof of identity. - Sponsored by Rep. Giraldo


H5690 Security Deposits - Provides that landlords would pay interest on security deposits in residential landlord-tenant matters. - Sponsored by Rep. Cruz


H5691 Annual Rent Increase - Prohibits Landlords from raising rent more than once annually. - Sponsored by Rep. Stewart


S0912 Eviction Record Sealing - Provides for the sealing of court files in residential eviction proceedings upon the filing of a motion. - Sponsored by Sen. Mack

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