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Policy & Advocacy Platform

The Coalition seeks to strategically advance focused policy initiatives at the state and local levels that address the root causes of homelessness. The Coalition represents the homeless provider system in aligned initiatives and those initiatives can be broken down into four categories. 

  1. Create more affordable housing and remove barriers to accessing housing

  2. Protect people who are experiencing homelessness

  3. Help to keep people safely housed

  4. Prevent unjust practices that lead to homelessness



2024 BOND REFERENDA: Submits 2024 capital development program requesting the issuance of $100,000,000 in general obligation bonds to the voters for approval at the November 8, 2024, general election.

H7590 (Rep. Tanzi)

S2547 (sen. kallman)

Reduced Housing Rent

Pilot Program

Establishes and funds an incentive program for landlords to offer reduced rents to eligible tenants. The program would be administered by the state department of housing with an appropriation of $3,000,000 for fiscal year 2024-2025.

Permanent Supportive

Housing Acquisition Fund

Establish a $25,000,000 fund that can be accessed within 14 days to acquire a property that can be used for shelter that will be converted to permanent supportive housing. The fund will be replenished without interest when grants are received to fund development.

Dept. of Housing Budget

Code Red/

Code Blue

Gives direction to municipalities and RI Department of Emergency Management Agency (RIEMA) on weather conditions that require when warming and cooling shelters need to be opened. Requires that each municipality has a plan that meets certain criteria which is enacted when RIEMA calls a Code Red/Blue.

H7463 (Rep. Tanzi)

S2405 (sen. mack)

Homeless Bill

of Rights

Update the Homeless Bill of Rights to include additional protocols including giving 60 days notice of disbanding an encampment, offering a reasonable alternative place to relocate, collaborating with outreach workers, providing trash receptacles and port-a-potties, mandating that police and public works departments have written policies and procedures on encampments that are reflective of the law, including a clear ban of law enforcement searches inside tents. A suit may be brought by an aggrieved individual or an organization that is chartered for the purpose of safeguarding civil liberties or combatting homelessness. Fines collected are to be used for housing stabilization services and/or Housing Problem Solving.

H7967 (rep. STEWART)

S2764 (sen. MURRAY)

Housing Problem Solving


Establish a fund within the Department of Housing to provide $5,000,000 in grants to agencies that engage in Housing Problem Solving services. (Money has been allocated by the State in the Winter Shelter Plan but a dedicated fund is needed to support this program annually.)

Dept. of Housing Budget



Requires landlords of residential properties to give tenants notice of rent increase at least 90 days prior to increase and requires notice requirement for rent increases for month to month tenants who are over the age of 62 years, to 120 days.

H7304 (rep. STEWART)

S2189 (sen. MACK)

Supporting Legislation

Ban the Box for Housing - H7174 (Rep. Hull) / S2438

Prohibits landlords from inquiring about an applicant's prior incarceration and from discriminating against those who have been released from prison.


Accessory Dwelling Units - H7062 (Rep. Speakman) / S2630 (Sen. Gu)

Amends several sections of law relating to zoning ordinances to provide uniform zoning standards for accessory dwelling units.

Community Opportunity to Purchase - H7655 (Rep. Giraldo) / (Rep. Speakman) S2631 (Sen. Kallman)

Prohibits a landlord from inquiring about the immigration status of a tenant subject to any federal laws or regulations, but may request financial information or proof of identity.


Shelter Standards - H7175 (Rep. Lombardi)

Establishes rules and procedures for licensing emergency shelters, including setting minimum standards and prohibiting the charging of fees to the residents.


Homeless Bill of Rights - H7176 (Rep. Lombardi)

Creates a commission to establish homeless shelter standards through regulations.


Tenant Bill of Rights (includes Right to Counsel for Evictions) - S2417 (Sen. Mack) / (Rep. Speakman)

Creates a tenant bill of rights to the right to counsel, the right to habitability, the right to organize free, the right to be free from discrimination, the right to first refusal if the landlord decides to sell the property, and right to renew lease.

Payday Lending Reform - H7211 (Rep. Alzate) / S2141 (Sen. Quezada)

Caps the interest rate on payday loans at 36% APR, down from 260% APR.


Rent Control - H7372 (Rep. Perez) / (Sen. Mack)

Limits residential rent increases to ten percent (10%) plus the increase in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) annually.


Rent Control - H7049 (Rep. Potter)

Limits rent increases to no more than 4% annually and provides tenants with a civil action to recover damages for any violations.

Rental Fees - H7647 (Rep. Kislak) / S2643 (Sen. Mack)

Requires landlords to list all mandatory fees when advertising any residential property for rent as well as on the first page of any lease. Prohibits a landlord from charging a convenience fee when the tenant pays rent.

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