Coordinated Entry System

In 2018 the Coalition, in partnership with Crossroads RI, created the RI Coordinated Entry System. Initially, the Coalition ran the permanent housing placement end of the system, but in December of 2020 the Coalition took over the CES call center and expanded its availability to 365 days a year.

CES proudly helps Rhode Islanders in four languages.  

Coordinated entry is a nationally recognized process developed to ensure that all people experiencing a housing crisis have fair and equal access and are quickly identified, assessed for, referred, and connected to housing and assistance based on their strengths and needs. The Coordinated Entry System (CES) in Rhode Island is funded by the Consolidated Homeless Fund, the Continuum of Care, and the Emergency Solutions Grants. 

If you are in need of shelter,

call our help line at 401-277-4316 

or fill out this form (visit: and we will contact you. 


Monday – Friday: 9AM – 9PM

Weekends & Holidays: 2PM – 9PM 

​We currently serve the following languages:

English, Spanish, Portuguese, & Haitian Creole

Meet the Help Center Team