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Constituent Engagement

Consistent with the Coalition’s philosophy of service, it is deeply important for the us consistently elevate the voices of people experiencing homelessness both within the Coalition and within the larger homeless response system. The Coalition will work to ensure that those with lived experience provide their valuable perspective and are active partners as we work together to prevent and end homelessness in the state.

The Coalition seeks to build, support, and celebrate constituent engagement and leadership at all levels of work at the Coalition and within the homeless response system.

Our 2019 – 2021 Strategic Plan set four (4) goals to attain this objective: 

  1. Establish a Constituent Advisory Committee to the Coalition representative of persons experiencing homelessness in our state (i.e. families, youth, individuals, LGBTQ, persons of color, non-English speakers, etc.).

  2. Foster and support constituent leaders in the movement to end homelessness.

  3. Create opportunities for constituent voice to be included in policy decision making, advocacy, and systems change work.

  4. Work with the CoC to create a Homeless Advisory Committee to the Continuum of Care.

Constituent Advisory Committee

The CAC is a place for those with lived experience of homelessness to share your feedback on the homeless system and help us understand the barriers to constituent involvement. If you have any questions or would like to join, reach out to our Community Programs Engagement Coordinator, Janette Perez by emailing

Voices of Homelessness is a team of Rhode Islanders who have each experienced homelessness and now share their respective stories to raise awareness and advocate for change. You can book them to speak in your classroom, boardroom, or any event! You can also become a speaker anytime.


Must have live experience of homelessness, but no public speaking experience needed. Learn more!


The Homeless Legal Clinic serves in an outreach capacity by seeking out those experiencing homelessness and at risk clients at RI shelters. The HLC can provide direct legal services to those who cannot afford an attorney or may be unable to travel to a legal assistance office, are unaware such services exist or may be apprehensive about visiting a lawyer's office. Learn more!

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