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Homeless Memorial Service will occur on Wednesday October 19th at 10:30 a.m. at Mathewson Street Church in Providence.

The Homeless Memorial is an annual event hosted by the Rhode Island Coalition to End Homelessness. We gather in a non-denominational, yet spiritual moment, individually honoring each life lost in Rhode Island over the last year.

The 2022 Homeless Memorial Service will take place on October 19th, at The Mathewson Street Church located at 134 Mathewson Street, in Providence. The memorial event is free & open to anyone who would like to gather with community and honor the lives of those we lost this year. 


A luncheon reception will follow the ceremony. For those in need, we will have blankets, coats, toiletries and other items to give, separate from the luncheon and memorial ceremony. 

If you had a loved one who experienced homelessness pass away this year, you can submit their name here to be read aloud and remembered at the service.



Feel free to get in touch with the organizer of the memorial, Samantha Burnett, if you have any questions or looking to volunteer.

Samantha Burnett

Community Programs Engagement Coordinator

(401) 206-5734


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