an annual summer fundraising & awareness campaign

Making Waves

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#MakingWaves II

The Summer of Movement


July 2021

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Together we can
make waves 
to end homelessness

Every summer we come together as a community to make waves of change. For over thirty years the Rhode Island Coalition to End Homelessness has worked collaboratively with service providers, faith-based organizations, advocates, and constituents to make lasting changes to end and prevent homelessness. 

The pandemic has exponentially sped up trends and thrusted more and more people into homelessness than ever before. On any given night, over 600 individuals and nearly 500 family members experience homelessness. On a single night in January 2021, 181 persons are experiencing homelessness unsheltered—meaning they are living in places not meant for human habitation (cars, tents, benches, etc.). 


We've spent the last year working endlessly to stem the tides, but the work is truly only beginning. We need your help to continue this work.


Will you help us make waves this summer?


Make Waves

Our annual #MakingWaves campaign is one way for you to show your support  and help us do the year-round work needed to end homelessness. Your donation is the biggest vote of confidence and show of support. #MakingWaves brings you  the latest of latest data regarding RI homelessness, which we hope inspires you to share our organization & mission with others.

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Get Moving

We are proud to introduce the first ever community Move-athon as part of #MakingWaves! This event is an inclusive, community focused, way for you to spread awareness about homelessness in RI, support the Coalition, and get some movement in this summer. You make the rules of the Move-athon and we're here to cheer you on!