Coordinated Entry System

The Rhode Island Coordinated Entry System (CES) is a partnership of all of the homeless providers in the state and is initiative of the Rhode Island Continuum of Care. The day to day operations of this program is led by the Rhode Island Coalition for the Homeless and Crossroads Rhode Island.


Crossroads Rhode Island operates the Coordinated Entry Hotline and all diversion/entry to the shelter system. 


The Rhode Island Coalition for the Homeless manages the permanent housing placement part of the program, once persons are in a shelter or are living on the street. 


Crossroads Rhode Island Contact Information for Shelter Inquiries:


Rhode Island Coalition for the Homeless Contact Information for Housing Inquiries:


Please note that persons looking for assistance should contact the CES hotline number listed below and not Coalition staff.


The Coalition does not provide any direct services, diversion assistance, or shelter under this program. 

Coordinated Entry System (CES) Hotline - (401) 277-4316

Please call this number for diversion assessments and to be triaged for shelter.


Placement Meeting Schedule

See the Upcoming Events and Training page to see the placement meeting schedule!

Typically only one person from each organization attends. Reach out to Pete Major at if you would like to attend. 


Confidentiality Forms

All In Case Conference Referral Form


To respect the confidentiality and privacy of those on the placement list, clients are not allowed to participate in this meeting. If you have any questions, please contact us. 

Manuals, Presentations, and Other Resources

Vulnerability Index 

Service Prioritization Decision Assistance Tool ​

Service Prioritization Decision Assistance Tool ​



Justice Discharge
(Not yet in use)

  • Not presently available.


Please note that you can ONLY complete a SPDAT assessment if you have received formal training. Please click here for information!

Please reach out to Amy if you have any questions on this page!

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